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Since 1993, Acamard Technologies has been providing security solutions for many industries!


Retail & Warehousing

Last year, retailers earned more than $8 trillion globally, but lost more than $200 billion to shrinkage. Acamard Technologies provides leading edge technology coupled with well-tested and time-proven solutions that can help to reduce shrinkage and improve operational profitability.
Our retail and warehousing industry experience gives us the expertise to recommend total security solutions that perfectly fit your needs and budget. Whether you demand access control systems, sensors, alarms, POS exception solutions, cameras or DVRs, our solutions are all encompassing and let you address your problem areas in a comprehensive way. Our industry-leading performance results from providing products that set the standard in quality and reliability while remaining scalable to address the diverse needs facing facilities of all sizes. From the smallest stores to the largest retail chains, our solutions remove retail risk and help drive increased profitability.
Whether implemented to stop losses, drive revenue or both, choosing the right solutions has a proven impact on your profitability and Acamard Technologies

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Financial & Banking

Banks, savings & loans and credit unions are prime targets for theft and fraud, both internally and externally. Acamard Technologies helps protect some of the world’s largest financial institutions and we can customize a solution to protect your employees, visitors, financial operations and data from unwanted intruders.
From a corporate financial institution headquarters to a local bank, Acamard Technologies offers the most advanced security solutions to meet your specific needs. The integration of Acamard Technologies solutions offers facility access control with video oversight in the corporate headquarters or processing centers while other video systems, including solutions specifically developed for ATMs, coupled with more limited access control (removing issues of key control at branches) systems can be used at hundreds, or even thousands, of retail establishments.
In addition, with the integration of smart card technologies, Acamard Technologies can offer a "one card" solution for financial institutions that have locations worldwide. Instead of multiple cards or ID badges that would normally be needed to perform multiple functions (entry in building, electronic signatures, electronic purses) a "one-card" solution can be incorporated to include all these daily services.

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With increasing threats ranging from domestic terrorism to common vandalism, the security of nation our, has become paramount. Simply controlling security in one part of the facility is not sufficient; rather these hubs require and integrated solution that can offer perimeter as well as internal security.

Acamard Technologies has a complete, integrated solution, offering everything from access control and video solutions for the perimeter to visitor management and alarm monitoring for offices. Across the entire company Acamard Technologies badging solution makes sure that the right people are getting access while new tools, such as video analytics, make sure that the data that is gathered can be used as quickly and easily as possible.


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  At Acamard Technologies, we offer experienced and professional installation of today’s most sophisticated security systems, by authorized service personnel who are highly knowledgeable experts with years of experience in solving the most challenging government installations.



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Health Care

In the competitive world of Heath care, medical research, regulations and guidelines, such as JACHO, IDPH, NFPA and DEA guidelines, as well as internal standards require proven solutions and tools that meet challenging regulatory compliance standards. Facilities that do not meet these standards or requirements can see negative impacts to their daily operations and can be subject to fines or other penalties (e.g., even having their operation shut down).
Acamard Technologies has improved our product offerings with the addition of features and functionality specifically targeted at meeting these needs. Our systems have features that specifically address everything from audit trail logs to digital video signatures. Investing in an Acamard Technologies solution provides the double value of improving both business practices and reporting processes. In addition to supporting the requirements, Acamard Technologies offers a fully integrated solution, so users can not only meet requirements, but also have video proof of what has happened.

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Schools and Education

Today’s schools are faced with ever growing threats and acts of violence and educational institutions need to constantly assess their security needs to provide the safest possible learning environment. This keeps registrations levels up and maintains peace of mind for the students, parents and staff. Whether you operate a small nursery school or a large university campus, Acamard Technologies understands the unique requirements that exist in an educational environment and can provide you with the very best security solutions to protect your facility at all times.

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Office Buildings

Today’s world requires that office building management have plans to create and provide a safe and secure working environment for office workers.
Acamard Technologies has the experience and expertise to provide all of your security needs such as …


Access Control Systems

CCTV Systems

ID Badging Systems & Supplies

Alarm Systems

Voice & Data Cabling Systems


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