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Using the latest in technologies, Acamard is able to bring its clients a host of world-class products and services designed to exceed the highest of industry standards. Concept to completion solutions guaranteed!




Monitoring Expertise:

Acamard TechnologiesInc specializes in providing central station monitoring for business and commerce from our advanced central station. Our unique combination of security experience and innovative technology make it easy form you to implement site monitoring at a price you can afford.

Additionally, our knowledge of the security business allows us to integrate our monitoring service into any existing security system.

Smart and Simple:

Our systems are activated by an event, such as an intruder or tampering with property. there has never been a smarter way to secure your business.

Highly trained and highly skilled personnel at our Central Monitoring Station monitor your premises, alerting you in the event of a potential problem, while allowing access to legitimate users. We can design any system that makes the most efficient use of your security budget.

Insights and Innovation:

The technology within our Central Monitoring Station allows us to provide instantaneous response wherever your site may be, 24 hour protection, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All of our systems are backed by expert technicians with a talent for creating seamless solutions that minimize your involvement while maximizing your investment.


Improved security - 24 hour protection, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Most effective form of intruder deterrent.
Enhanced management capability - monitoring site activity.
Reliability- application of the latest technologies.
Flexibility - solutions to meet your precise requirements.


Fire alarm systems installed by Acamard Technologies Inc. fall under the responsibility of both the NFPA ( National Fire Protection Administration) and the NEC (National Electric Code). as well as local building codes. Our systems are administered and inspected by a combination of the Fire Plans Reviewer, the Fire Inspector and /or Marshall, the Electrical Inspector and even the Mechanical Inspector within each given municipality.

Prior to receiving the Certificate of Occupancy, Acamard Technologies fire alarm systems are connected to a communication device that transmits alarm and system trouble to our central monitoring facility and tested to assure that signals are being received properly. Upon receipt of such signals, we are responsible for dispatching the local responding Fire Department.

Most states have requirements that periodically require each device to be physically tested to assure proper operation. The frequency of these inspections vary according to the type of device and even sometimes due to Municipal requirements that exceed NFPA requirements. typical inspections include quarterly tests for sprinkler system supervisory devices ( i.e. smoke detectors, manual pull stations, audible/visual annunciation devices, etc.


On Time, Quality Installations:

The distinct support service infrastructure, status reporting and dedication to the highest standards, result in accurate coordination of multiple projects reliably and consistently throughout North America.

Prompt Service:

Recognizing the responsibility of loss prevention to protect assets and deter unauthorized activity on a timely basis, our service and installation support people are prepared to assist when needed to assure customer confidence peace of mind.

Extensive Resources:

Acamard Technologies Inc. authorized installation and service network throughout North America is continually being expanded to serve a growing client base. Irrespective of a multi-location clients business strategy, security and loss prevention requirements or philosophical position, Acamard Technologies Inc., customizes an electronic security solution to meet the clients need.